Welcome to the Friend Zone.

Question: There’s this girl, who I really like a lot. After expressing this to her she let me know that she really only likes me as a friend. I’m not completely positive if there is another guy she likes…at least for the last few months or so. But I’m not sure what to do. I like her and I want to know if I should keep trying? Does she have a reason? What do I do?

friendzoneAnswer: No. Here’s why…the ‘friend zone’ can be a challenge to get out of and there are better things to channel your energy on. Also, women are weird…they will later realize they liked you when you aren’t paying them any attention. So…do you bro! Do things that make you feel good rather than get her attention. If you’ve heard that saying: if you love it set it free…well this also works when you like someone. The timing could be against you and she may not be in a position to like you in the same way (whatever her reason is). I would also like to point out that women don’t respond well when men come on tooooo strong (this may or may not be the case for you). I could go on all day with the reasons because women are complex in that regard. Trust me…I am a women and I know how difficult we can be. Do some things that make you smile and make yourself a little less available to her. If she only wants to be friends…BE FRIENDS…don’t be an ass. But don’t sell yourself short waiting for her to love you. If it was meant to be, the universe will show her the light.

Best of Luck!


Everyone Loves a Beef Stick.

Right?! I know I take them on just about every road trip. Well, what if I told you there was a healthier option? I know what your thinking…beef jerky is suppose to be bad for you. Well…I suppose, but it can be good for you! Everyone loves a Slim Jim…I’ve eaten my fair share, but these are a healthier option.
Let me tell you about something different…but the same. Yes, that’s what I said.

12388143_10153852981517174_859200352_nChomps Snack Sticks. I know what your thinking; what’s different about these sticks? First, the beef is grass fed. Second, there are no artificial ingredients. AND…third, they taste amazing! I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find things that taste good and good for you. It’s usually one, not both.

Chomps was kind enough to send me a few sticks to check out in order to tell them what I thought.

Overall: Awesomesauce! I actually like the idea of a jerky-like snack without all the extra stuff that’s not so great for you.

Original: Simply put, it tasted like a beef stick. Perfect for the kiddos who need more of a pedestrian flavor. Most children prefer the non spicy jerky stuff and this is the way to go.
Crackin’ Cran: Fruit and peppers. Habaneros and cranberries to be exact (with some other stuff…like beef)  I’m not sure how I feel about this one and it could be the habanero that thru me off. I don’t like things too spicy…but if that’s your thing.
Hoppin’ Jalapeno: YAAASSS!!! My favorite no question. For someone who isn’t a fan of spicy food, I was a little surprised. I like the flavor of the pepper more than the spice of it…and there was a lot of that going on here!

So, my advice, visit GoChomps and order some so you can see what I’m talking about!!

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Crazy Legs. (Influenster Review)

Product Name: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs — What it actually is: Leg makeup.

Sexy Legs.

I wasn’t sure about this one because I’m a medium complexion and I pegged this as a product used by the population who was un-tanable (that non-word is strictly for this review). However, It was sent to me to try and review…so I did. First, let me point out I was sent the right color; I usually struggle to find a good match with face makeup. I tried the product both with and without lotion and it was much better with lotion. My legs felt dry otherwise. For the most part it worked and I made sure to take a photo that shows the difference. But, I’m not a fan of the makeup like feeling. It rubbed off on anything my leg touched and in order to get even coverage I needed to use more than directed. Overall, I would not use this product, but it does what it says.

3 out of 5 stars.

Update…and long overdue.

First of all, I am not going to explain the amount of time since my last post. Well, simply because I don’t have anything clever to say about it. HOWEVER…I’ve been busy trying to make sure I graduate on time…among other things.

I have learned through experience that there is never a perfect time to go back to school. It will always seem like it’s the wrong time. I do recommend that you go back, if you are thinking about it. It’s hard work, but it will be worth it. Isn’t that what they all say? Yeah…we all know the saying:  “nothing easy is worth it” …or something like that.

I did check my stats and I LOVE that you fine people are still reading my posts….THANK YOU! Actually what I said in my head was “awesomesauce”…

The spring 2014 semester has finally come to a close which means I can breathe. I might even get some sleep.

Okay. So here is what I’m up to these days: Sleep, work and try to take over the world. But isn’t that everyones plan? 😉

I didn’t have a second of all…

Another season down…

Well, as we know the Creighton basketball season has come to an end. It was a challenging road at times, but the Bluejays  finished alright…considering. OK, this is not about the season or how good/bad the team did. This post is about me and my seat in the corner under the basket.

I have to admit, my photos are getting better. (yes, I just tooted my own horn…*shrug*)  I am learning to challenge myself and I am seeing the difference with each game. I’ll be honest, when I’m sitting down on the floor, this is not what I am thinking. It is not until I sort through my shots that I decide whether it was all worth it or not.

It’s funny to hear people say; “Wow, you sit on the floor? …you’re that close!?” Let me point out, it is NOT as glamorous as it looks. When I’m working, it’s extremely hard to actually watch the game. I end up watching the game one still at a time, or I catch the highlights…later. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it and I plan to turn it into a career. I just want to point out that where I sit is not all peachy, it’s work.

To end my season, I traveled with the team, for the first time, to the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. Coincidentally, it was the last time the team would play in this tournament so it ended up being a bigger deal. It was an opportunity to gain valuable experience. Shooting a game at the tournament level is a lot different from being on your home court. There are strict regulations on what you can and cannot do while on the floor. I was not opposed to these regulations, I guess I just was not prepared. If there was anything that I did learn it would be: plan ahead and bring knee pads.  If it wasn’t for our sports information director, I would not have even had the media credentials necessary. In addition, my spot on the floor was behind taller people…having to kneel for two hours is really a pain in the knees.

I’m glad I went and I had a great time!! My only gripe would be the last 50 miles of my drive,in a snow storm. Thank you winter.

Here are a few [of my favorite] shots from the tournament. (If you click on the photos, I promise they get bigger)






Were you there first??

The news industry has been going through changes since the beginning of its time (or has it).  Did this change come as technology began to develop into what it is right now?

Let menewspaper-2 tell you what I think the main problem is. Here comes my opinion (that’s my disclosure).

Based on what I know and what I’ve seen, it’s all about being FIRST. I guess working out the corrections later [if any] is okay. Really? And this is becoming normal. Our society is under some impression that this is expected. Why? Because this is what happens in the news. It’s an amazing race; the credibility of the reporter AND the news organization is on the line. Was there a time when the news was accurate as it’s reported? Yes. My guess is many of us today don’t remember.  Here’s an idea: be the first to be 100% accurate. Can we set a new standard? It sounds like one of those ‘easier said than done’ moments, right? It is.

I think we have the consistent advance in technology to partially thank. Among other things. There is the convenience of getting information immediately. In addition, anyone with a device who can capture a moment is a journalist. The term citizen journalism is one that bothers me. Here I am spending nothing short of 100k in order to say I’m a journalist and just anyone can provide content to an organization. Oh wait, I forgot to add…they get paid for this content. It’s like making a song about your shiny lip gloss and making the top ten. You don’t need talent/experience/education…you just need something juicy. I still don’t understand where the loyalty [from the audience] comes from. I do believe that because of this term, everyone thinks they are an outlet for breaking information. I blame technology and the desire to know NOW. So, who is supposed to be right?

How do you assure your audience and gain their loyalty if being first supersedes being accurate? The answer may not be so easy, but someone has it.

I’m not the only one who is questioning this issue. Here are two articles to continue reading:

1. Accuracy outweighs being first

2. The pros and cons of ‘citizen journalism’





Take a digital self-portrait. What do you see?

Here is the question of the week: how does technology define you? Let me actually think about this for a minute. Technology provides some definition to our identity in some way. What this question is asking is; how much or how does it effect/affect each of us?

Side note: Affect=influence – Effect=result (just in case you were not sure of the difference)

Imagine if this was still the norm...

Imagine if this was still the norm…

OK, here is myself and technology. Affects and effects all wrapped into one.

I like gadgets and this means I have to upgrade them…often. This is who I am and I am trying to steer away from this habit, because these things are not getting any cheaper (neither is upgrading). I often wonder if this habit stems from not being allowed to own any gadgets growing up. It all started with a pager…or beeper. Yes, I had a beeper. I’m laughing too.

dynatac-evolutionNonetheless, when I was the age of my youngest child it was one television and you watched what was on it (without complaining). Today, the televisions out number…nevermind. We have a TV or two. What does that say about who I am? I like having a television, or two. Nothing more, nothing less. Ok, maybe it also says I don’t want to force everyone to watch the same thing. Options. We won’t get into computers. Wait, do you want to buy one? Hey, it was worth a shot.

Now let’s talk social media. *sigh* I’m actually disappointed with what it has done to society. Personally, I can still go to dinner and be at dinner. Yes, this means missed notifications later. I think I will survive if I don’t check my phone every two seconds. I try not to let it take over my life. I see this happen to a lot of people. Someone help me understand why you need to have a private Facebook page with 2,000+ friends…?? If I let that happen, someone slap me. Random thought, I know.

If there is one piece of equipment/technology that would define who I am it would be my DSLR. I’m a sports photographer. I don’t mean one who takes pictures all willy nilly, I adjust the settings on my camera based on my lighting conditions. I could get into all the mumbo jumbo, but unless you are a photographer also, the lingo will be lost on you. Click Here to view a previous blog post with a few published photos from last season.


So, what’s your technical definition?